A new’un + Song of the Day

So, BlogSpot became boring and well, just a little bit old at. WordPress is all shiny and new to me I never really used it before but the interface is a lot more attractive. This blog will be part of my new uni project. Oh, and the name SufferJet was an art project I did at college, it was a mixed medium affair full of painting, making music and other slightly odd, offbeat creative bits and bobs. Although this blog will showcase some random ramblings, it will be primarily a more music blog, the SufferJet moniker will be coming out of retirement (even though barely 10 people knew about what was going on haha) so yeah, that’s it. Enjoy

Oh, one more thing a ‘Song of the Day’ thing will be on here which is a lot of fun for me plus it’ll give me the insentive to regularly update it as I always end up forgetting about blogs. So, I’m going to get the ball rolling with todays song of the day.

For those who are unfamiliar with Birds work, he was originally the frontman for band Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire releasing three albums in total. They unofficially broke up in 2003 as Bird wanted to restart his solo career, which was his first project in the mid 90s releasing ‘Music of Hair’ at age 23. Bird is an accomplished violinist and an amazing whistler who only began playing the guitar in 2004. ‘Noble Beast’ is his fifth album and his most critically acclaimed so far and actually charting on the mainstream album charts in the US (peaking at #12 on the Billboard Hot 100). Slowly he has gained a faithful following and has even influenced people to start whistling again.

Tenuousness is my favourite song from ‘Noble Beast’, and while the album version is great, you really have to see him perform it live, especially when he plays his violin like a guitar or ukulele, awesome.


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