Recent Purchases

For anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a bit music collector, CD, Vinyls, Cassettes you name it so to fill up my blog I thought I’d make a little segment of things that I’ve bought recently.


One of my favourite acts of 2010 their blend of folk, pop and R&B make them one of the best    bands  you’ve never heard. ‘Yo Mama’ is a single that was lifted from their amazing debut album   ‘Fossils and Other Phantoms’.  The single has an exclusive b-side called ‘Hatstand Blues’ which is a fan favourite which in my opinion should have been on the record. What is also really nice about the single is that it showcases the artist Benjamin Phillips art, who is a stupidly talented artist from my hometown London. The last thing that is great is that the vinyl is red, I’m a sucker for coloured vinyls and this was right up my street.


Charity shops are amazing, sometimes you can find some great things in them. Fleetwood Mac’s phenomenal album ‘Rumours’ is one of them. I got this in Oxfam for £2, yes 2 bloody pounds how great is that!. I thought it was gonna be a little bit shoddy and worn which I probably wouldn’t have minded sometimes it’s just alright to collect good albums the way they were intended. But for two quid its like its brand new the sleeve is a little big discoloured but other than that its great very happy with it.


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