Things I’m Liking


This song is pretty fun. It has a slightly different sound and explore a more hip-hop esque sound a big departure from what was on ‘Grand’ but its pretty cool. I did want to put the video on here but I couldn’t find it, its awesome its kinda like Mr and Mrs Smith where they are just kicking the crap out of each other if you get a chance check it out. ‘Cameras’ is from their new record ‘Sidewalks’.


Seen as its a new year I thought I’d learn something new and I have a slight obsession with stringed instruments and the only thing that I can play pretty well is an Autoharp. I have a guitar and can sorta play it decent, but I’ve always liked the Ukulele it has a slightly harp sound and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is the one that I bought about a week ago I got it in an instrument shop thats just near Tottenham Court Road it was marked down from £50 to £30 and then when I went to pay for it, it ended up being just £20 so I was pretty happy about that.


While I haven’t purchased anything from their website yet I love the t-shirt there is all different kinds of artist with cool designs ranging from line drawings to more abstract patterns. They also have this awesome lucky dip thing that you pick an artist and they send you 5 t-shirts from that artist for $28 which works out at about £19 I think I’m going to order them this weekend. Oh and the t-shirt that I really want isn’t in the lucky dip thing but I’m still going to get it me thinks. I do like people dressed up as animals, especially girls.


Its the first album of the year that I’ve really listened to all the way through and I’m really liking it. They are definitely one of my favourite bands ever. I will probably do a review of this once I’ve given it a thorough listen. Colin Meloy never disappoints well, I say that I wasn’t really into their last record ‘The Hazards of Love’ I’ve realized that I just don’t like musicals and thats what that album was indended to be. So yeah, back to the new one, It reminded me of their first album, less nautical themes but instead have a more country sound and even have alt-country genius Gillian Welch which is never a bad thing. So, check it out it came out a couple days ago.



I first got into them in 2006 when I was slightly obsessed with Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (who quit using the moniker late 2010, sad times). For those who don’t know what Daytrotter is, its a music website that has artists mostly of the independent variety come in a play songs, usually from their latest project, Its kinda like Peel Sessions but not as well known, and what is amazing about it is that the sessions are free to download all you have to do is sign up, the most downloaded session was Bon Iver’s where he does the most amazing version of Lump Sum. I’ve been enjoying their Best of 2010 mixtape it has some great stuff on their from the likes of Beach House, AA Bondy and Gayngs (who do a good, albeit autotuned version of Sade’s ‘By Your Side’).


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