Things I’m Liking

Being someone that hates very few things its pretty fun to update this so here is my newest favourite stuff.


His forth record wa s supposed to be a double album titled ‘Battle’ but that never worked out instead he released ‘The Bachelor’ which was a favourite of mine. Now Wolf is gearing up to release his highly anticipated fifth record now ti tled ‘Lupercalia’. He is now on a pre-promotional tour and is showcasing some new songs two of which are singles entitled ‘Time of My Life’ and ‘The City’ both extrovert and gleefully happy and is probably as close to the mainstream as hes going to get, but I’m sure he doesn’t care about that.

Other songs that he has been playing are:

Bermondsey Street, The Days, Together, Slow Motion, House, The Halcyon




I bought one on the way home from uni and I loved it. Anything blueberry and banana is always good in my book and thi s was just awesome. Not reall into the whole powered sugar thing though, I always think it makes things look awful. Anyway. the doughnut is just like any other just with blueberry jam. I’ve come to realize that I don’t actually like any of the chocolate ones I prefer fruit filled doughnuts, so yeah this one and the banana creme are the best.






Japanese food is something that I absolutely love, especially those bento meals. Onigiri (or Riceball) are a great healthy snack. The sushi chain Wasabi sells singular riceballs which is great for on the go. They come wrapped in seaweed which is dried (I don’t eat it) but the chicken teriyaki one is delicious.

There should be more places that sells food like this all it is, is moulded white rice with fillings I mean, how hard is that to make?



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