Things I’m Liking


Anything citrus and I’m usually loving it. This amazing invention was just a clear (excuse the pun) favourite. I know its been out for years and years, but its definitely my favourite flavour out of this and the strawberry one, I think the was a peach one too. But yes yummy yummy citrus water, and I love that it comes in those big bottles too.



I’ve had my account for a long time, probably almost two years but I never used it. Lately I’ve been using it a lot. I just assumed it’d just be really commerical stuff, but it has nearly everything I love, and the playlist thing is great, I’m even kinda tempted to do one of those monthly pay thingies at the moment I’ve been re-living my youth with it and listening to Deftones which has been alot of good times, it just saves uploading the CD to my computer of illegally downloading, which is bad times Spotify gets a thumbs up.



Its been a while since the Animal Collective-alum has released a full album, 2007s ‘Person Pitch’ is a massive favourite of mine so I’m really loving the new songs that have been floating about, I even bought the ‘You Can Count on Me’ 7″ which is badass and the art work is pretty nice. I’m liking the new album cover it was much better than that weird angel cover that was floating about or that atomic bomb/tree looking cover that was out even before the angel one. I like how simple the new and official cover it, and I can’t wait till the album is actually released, hurry up Pandz!.




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