Things I’m Liking – Music Edition

I love the start of a new year, the music world gets excitedly buzzed about all the new albums that will be released. With that in mind these are some of the albums I’m looking forward to and also albums I’ve been enjoying.


Released on the 25th of January, it’s been on rotation on the old iPod. I wasn’t overly keen on her last release ‘To Survive’ (though the album cover for that was an homage to Virginia Woolf, whom I love). Anyway, ‘The Deep Field’ it has a much more fuller sound rather than the sullen soundscapes we’re used to. The lead single ‘The Magic’ is a great piece of pop, with some early 00’s r&b influences which shouldn’t really work but it flows effortlessly with her voice.

It’s definitely an album worth checking out especially if you want something a little different.


It’s not officially out yet, but the American radio station NPR has been streaming the album in full on their website. Its been said that this will be the last album Conor Oberst will release under this moniker. A bit of a departure from what we’re used to, the first buzz single ‘Shell Games’ is actually a poppy jam with is reminiscent of Patrick Wolf its weird to hear Oberst this happy. It still has the usual political overtones and does hark back to some of the stuff that was on 2007s ‘Cassadaga’.

To hear it click the link. Here




It’s always the way, a band will go silent for a while after a good, strong release and then once they’re out of your consciousness for a while BAM! you’re hit with an album title, release date, album cover AND a free download. Fleet Foxes’ debut was a slow burner for me I heard pieces of it all the time and even bought the record with a bundle that featured the EP ‘Sun Giant’, it wasn’t until late 2009 that I really started to like them. Now they are prepping for a their new one, which I have to say I’m a little excited for I heard the title track on Pitchfork’s website (I know, I know) I really like it. Will they surpass the sophomore slump or will it be a crappy album ala Interpol’s ‘Antics’… yeah.




I do have a little obsession with her, and I managed to get tickets to see her at the end of the month at the Troxy I’m not ashamed to admit that I did a little jig. I’m not overly keen on the album cover and I still think the album should have been called ‘The Last Living Rose’ but alas, all that doesn’t really matter especially the stuff I’ve heard from it. It has been leaked onto the internet but I have resisted and will buy the album the day it’s released. The single ‘The Words the Maketh Murder’ is excellent and so appropriate considering all the political uproar that is happening right now. She also hasn’t neglected her love for the autoharp which was prominent of her last release 2007s skeletal ‘White Chalk’. God, I love auto harp players, they make my heart sing.


21 Other releases that I’m looking forward to

  1. Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes (feb. 28)
  2. Jens Lekman – TBA (apparently something will be released this year so I’m liking that)
  3. Peggy Sue – TBA (they’re working on their second album now, it should be ready sometime this year)
  4. Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (feb. 14)
  5. Asobi Seksu – Fluorescence (feb. 15)
  6. Patrick Wolf – Lupercalia (may)
  7. Yuck – Yuck (feb. 15)
  8. The Cave Singers – No Witch (feb. 22)
  9. Death Cab for Cutie – Codes and Keys (tba)
  10. St. Vincent – TBA
  11. Bon Iver – TBA
  12. Bjork – TBA
  13. Martha Wainwright – TBA
  14. Beck – TBA
  15. Beirut – TBA
  16. Death from Above 1979 – TBA (but reformed, yay)
  17. Cat Power – TBA (In 09, she said it was ready, no release date has been released)
  18. Radiohead – TBA (Its coming some time this year)
  19. Devendra Banhart – TBA
  20. Laura Marling – TBA (feb?) (Apparently its coming soon, but probably will be released later in the year)
  21. Alela Diane – TBA (may/june) (tour starts soon album should soon follow)



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