Bat for Lashes Covers Depeche Mode for Gucci

Bat for Lashes + Depeche Mode + The mystical powers of Natasha Khan = Awesome

The Brighton siren is at it again, covering hits from the 80’s. This time she’s been asked by Gucci to cover the Depeche Mode song ‘Strangelove‘ for the new ad campaign, sort of like when Róisín Murphy covered Bryan Ferry, remember that?. Anyway, today Khan’s cover can be heard on Gucci’s Youtube page and is also a limited download. It’s a good cover, she’s pretty awesome at covers, lets take a stroll back and take a listen to her atmospheric cover of The Cure’s A Forest. It’s nice to hear her again, after the career high that was 2009’s ‘Two Suns’, 2011 will mostly likely be the year that Bat for Lashes releases their 3rd album and there are rumours that she is recording at the moment, so fingers crossed.

To hear and download the new song click here


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