Things I’m Liking – Nostalgia Week


Dylan LeBlanc – Paupers Field

It’s hard to believe, much like Laura Marling that LeBlanc is just twenty years old. ‘Paupers Field’ harks back to the americana and country stylings of Townes Van Zandt and Neil Young. Even country/folk legend EmmyLou Harris drops by with her bone chilling voice to lend a hand. I found myself mesmerised by the lyrical maturity and the understated instrumentation. The closer track is by far the winner, ‘ No Kind of Forgiveness’ sucker punches you in the gut and really can make you feel totally insignificant.


Diane Cluck – Macy’s Day Bird

There are certain artists that always have a habit of bringing you back to a good place. Diane Cluck is one of them for me. While not necessarily a happy-go-lucky artist her music always makes me feel 17 again. Macy’s Day Bird admittedly isn’t my favourite of her records (Oh Vanille/Ova Nil is) this is nostalgic in the sense that it holds very dear memories of people, of places and just extremely naive times.


Lewis & Clarke – Blasts of Holy Birth

This album only became apparent to me because I just really liked the artwork, and thought I’d get it on an impulse. Its full of acid-folk jams and sweet 60s nostalgic Topanga Canyon folk its a little bit Crosby, Stills and Nash with more a modern twist likening to Fleet Foxes and Horse Feathers-ish. The song “We Think We Have Eyes” is just one of my favourite songs right now, totally addicted.


RuRu – Elizabeth

Almost impossible to track down. This little hidden gem was released in the summer of 2008 and again, it really just passed me by. Now I’ve heard he has been signed to Colombia Records and will be re-releasing the album some time this year under his real name Isaac Russell. Its full of jangly, self-depreciating songs about a lost love, much like Bon Iver with For Emma….. In alot of ways he is like Sufjan Stevens and Patrick Wolf, if Wolf went to sunday school with Stevens. Worth tracking down and giving it a listen.


Scout Niblett – Sweet Heart Fever

Shes dark, moody, and little out there and mates with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, so really you can’t go wrong. This album was one of many that I became obsessed with in my late teens. She goes places others dare not to. This is no record to sit around with friends with beers and conversation, this is in your room with no lights on headphones on and laying on the floor, its too intimate to share with anyone else, Scout Niblett is for personal journeys only.



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