Things I’m Liking – Music

Its been a while since I’ve done a post. There’s been a lot of music in my ears lately some old favourites, some new stuff and some new, old stuff.

DRAKE – So Far Gone

Now, I haven’t exactly been a proponent of this guy. He perplexes me for one he is from Canada, so why does he speak and rap like he’s from Atlanta? and secondly I still feel that singing is his strength rather than rapping, I think he sounds forced and contrived, singing he sounds a lot more honest and natural but that’s just me. Anyway, I did like a couple of songs from his debut like Karaoke and Fireworks but nothing else grabbed me. A Friend burnt this on disc for me and listening to it all the way through the song ‘Houstatlantavegas‘ was the one that really grabbed me I must have listened to it about 10 times in a row. It’s actually not a bad mixtape has some weird moments like singing/rapping over the beat of Lykke Li’s ‘Little Bit’ and Peter, Bjorn and John’s ‘Lets Call it Off’. Maybe he’s trying to prove his diversity which does seem a lot more genuine than other people.

Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes

Now speaking of Lykke Li, her sophomore release is a monster. If this is the future of pop music then I’ll definitely be all ear. Moving away from the more subtle sounds of her debut ‘Youth Novels’ Li gets a lot more grandiose and confident especially with the thunderously tribal first single ‘Get Some’ which includes suggestive lyrics such as ‘I’m your prostitute/you gon’ get some” as well as the ambitious nature of ‘I Follow Rivers’ which with the right promotion could’ve of been an actual hit single with its crossover appeal even the Phil Spector flavoured ‘Sadness is a Blessing’ could easily appeal to the masses.

Lou Reed, John Cale & Nico – Le Bataclan ’72

These three people are probably my favourite people of all time especially Reed. This is an amazing live album that was heavily bootlegged over the years when they performed at the Bataclan in Paris for the first time post break-up. Its utterly mesmerising and extremely low key and features both songs of The Velvet Underground as well as songs from each of their solo careers. It features a beautiful version of ‘Femme Fatale’ and a heart renching rendition of Lou Reed’s ‘Berlin’. Admittely its not the best quality but doesn’t take away the magic of all three of them being on stage together.


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