Team Tyler? or, Team Tegan and Sara?

While I’ve been aware of the whole OFWGKTA/Tyler, the Creator buzz and have admittedly found it intriguing and entertaining it has occurred to me that it’s probably again just another indie fad and seeing as Hip-Hop in general has been in a lull the last couple of years it was refreshing to hear a new voice with a less ‘gangsta’ and money driven sensibility. The last few days I’ve been talking about and discussing the open letter that Canadian duo Tegan and Sara posted on their website entitled “A Call for Change” in which Sara expresses her disgust and shock over Tyler’s seemingly cavalier attitude towards homophobia and misogyny. She really does give a fair argument and raises the issue of  “When will misogynistic and homophobic ranting and raving result in meaningful repercussions in the entertainment industry? When will they be treated with the same seriousness asracist and anti-Semitic offenses?

I really feel she has a point, while yes, I do enjoy listening to the OFWGKTA material and I never have really taken it seriously but in fairness and I am siding with Tegan and Sara on this one, critics and music fans are constantly siding with Tyler and his shenanigans and it sort of making it OK to be as offensive and as brazenly ignorant as you want to be. Of course he has a right to freedom of speech but what he doesn’t realize it that music is a powerful tool, people really banded together when Bob Dylan and Joan Baez were writing protest songs and even those arseholes Bono and Bob Geldof got everyone to ‘Feed the World’ not that this is on the same scale as any of that but its seen as a cultural phenomenon but it seems like society is so close in gaining acceptance and really on the cusp of getting full human rights, I just think its people like Tyler who are just pushing everything back 10 years. Tegan and Sara throughout their 16 year career been a pillar in the LGBT community as inspirations to young fans who find it hard to be able to be who they are and have also been great inspirations to women in the industry inregard of doing things of their own terms and not backing down to label pressures or making sure that their public persona is kept as is and not rendered in any way.


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