Album Review – The Antlers: Burst Apart


I don’t really know how The Antlers 2009 album ‘Hospice’ made everyone else feel, but for me that album was much like how The Angels of Light album ‘How I Loved You’ makes me feel – detrimentally sad, but in a really good way. I always feel that if music can conjure up those types of feelings then the musicians are probably doing something very right. Anyway, Brooklynites the Antlers are known in the indie community for this delicate, melancholic sound even in there seemingly more joyous moments there’s this underlying sadness .With ‘Burst Apart’ they seem to take the ambient soundscapes of their sophomore record ‘In the Attic of the Universe’ and the use the melancholia of ‘Hospice’ and tangle it together to make this deluge of beauty that floats throughout the entire record. Songs like ‘No Widows’ and ‘Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out’ are prime examples of this, though the latter is definitely one of ‘Burst Apart’ more upbeat moments still this fragility seems to lay just below the surface bobbing up for air every now and then.

I think the overall feeling I get from this album has a lot to do with front man Peter Silberman’s vocals he has this cadence in his voice which echoes shades of Thom Yorke (yes, I know controversial) flecks of this comparison grace the song ‘Tiptoe’ it’s probably more of a feeling than an actual sound, I just felt it was a little bit Kid A-ish (yes, again I know). The song that really stood out for me was the closer ‘Putting the Dog to Sleep’ I just love how sincere it is, how ungrudgingly sincere Silberman sounds, it also has this weird 60s/70s soul rock sound to it like maybe something from Ike Turner or one of those soul guys who played guitar. I have to say I’ve given this many listens and it’s my favourite album of the year so far, its honesty is what I gravitated towards and that dash of sadness only sweetens the deal.


BEST SONGS: I Don’t Wanna Love, Parentheses, No Widows, Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out, Tiptoe, Hounds, Putting the Dog to Sleep    


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