Things I’m Liking – Music VI

Bon Iver – Bon Iver

I always get kind of mad when people release self-titled albums, It’s a bit lazy and unimaginative. Anyway, the follow-up to everyone’s love hangover ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ has finally been released, and to critical acclaim I mean Pitchfork gave it a 9.5 which personally is a bit too high but I mean it IS Pitchfork. The album is a lot more ambitious than the stark debut, the side projects with Volcano Choir and Gayngs have a definite influence on the sound of this one. Holocene is fucking heartbreaking, I must mention that, if you need that ‘make you feel like shit’ factor this song is definitely one to listen to. A welcome return for sure.


Drake – Take Care-era songs

I’ve said before I wasn’t a fan at first and even now I don’t like his debut record all that much. But there’s something about this new songs that I’m really liking. To me he’s a much better singer than he is a rapper. The new songs are a lot more R&B but in this weird, moody confessional way that’s more like some sort of singer songwriter. ‘Marvins Room’ just hit me like a tonne of bricks, and everyone can relate – drunk calling someone who screwed you over and that isolated loneliness you do stupid things in that head space, right?. The other song is ‘Trust Issues’ deals with just that he brings something to these songs that wasn’t there before and I really like that if his next album tentatively titled ‘Take Care’ is anything like these songs I’m going to be happy, hopefully a lot less Lil’ Wayne too.

Vetiver – The Errant Charm

They have always been a band that I’ve admired, I love indie folk music and they were definitely a band that made me love the genre (along with Devendra Banhart, Jana Hunter, Six Organs of admittance and Joanna Newsom of course). And while their 2009 album ‘Tight Knit’ wasn’t as pleasurable as their self-titled debut and ‘To Find Me Gone’ Vetiver really return to form with ‘The Errant Charm’ its beautiful, honest and just an all round enjoyable experience. Plus, I really like the album art, very 70s.


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