Anticipation Station II

I haven’t blogged for a while tumblr has lured me in like a siren to a ship. I guess I’ve sort of missed writing even though I don’t particularly see myself as one much these days, though with uni round the corner I really should get my arse into gear.

So, the first half of the year had some solid music releases from the likes of Patrick Wolf, Bon Iver and my new favourites And So I Watch You From Afar. As we are creeping nearer and nearer to the end of 2011 its only right to talk about the new stuff I am looking forward to.


Fionn Regan – 100 Acre of Sycamore

His debut  “The End of History” was perfect and was definitely worthy of the Mercury Prize it was a little Neil Young in places with its old soul approach in a lot of ways like the stuff Laura Marling does. Regan is gearing up to release the follow-up to the heavily slept on “The Shadow of the Empire” which I don’t think anyone listened to which was a shame. “100 Acre of Sycamore” is sounding very promising the title track is gorgeous with its sweeping string arrangements and Regan gives a great vocal performance. One to watch, definitely. August 15th


Bombay Bicycle Club – A Different Kind of Fix

The London quartet have churned out an album a year since their 2009 debut “I Had the Blues but I Shook them Loose” which garnered them critical acclaim and a strong following. “A Different Kind of Fix” is a return to a more fuller sound and less folk-y than 2010’s “Flaws” which had a more than pleasing cover of Joanna Newsom’s ‘Swansea’. The Boys strap back on their electric guitars and get the crowd moving again. August 29th

Beirut – The Rip Tide

Zach Condon is definitely one of my favourite musicians. I love Balkan folk music and his seminal revival made me appreciate (and want) an accordion. Under the guise of Beirut, Condon has churned out two brilliant albums and a handful of equally enjoyable EPs. “The Rip Tide” from the outset doesn’t really try anything different, but rather than just makes you feel happy. The song ‘East Harlem’ is the teaser track to get the hipsters buzzing and its worked, a much more slower, melodic song which will keep you hooked until the eventual release of the album. August 30th

St. Vincent – Strange Mercy

She is my favourite girl, I just thought I’d put that out there. Anyway, Annie Clark is a monster, in the sense that to look at her you think shes lovely and sweet and makes twee music about flowers and hearts and blah blah blah… and then you hear her belting out Tom Waits ‘Big Black Mariah’ and it really stops you in your tracks. Strange Mercy is Clark’s 3rd album the follow-up to the massively acclaimed 2009 album ‘Actor’ steering away from the DIY-GarageBand style of  ‘Actor’ brings a more band-esque sound and even more passion than ever before the teaser ‘Surgeon’ is fantastic excepting big things from this. September 12th

Peggy Sue – Acrobats

This 3-piece London band are probably music’s best kept secret. It’s a massive shame that not more people know about their genius. I recently interviewed them post-production of this upcoming album and they explained that they were moving away from their folky roots and opting to produce a more fuller sound and they were right. Steering the ship is PJ Harvey producer John Parish who has helped them tap into an early, mid-90’s sound much like Sleater-Kinney. Two teaser songs are on their website “Song & Dance” and “Cut My Teeth” have a listen. September 12th