Album Review – Perfume Genius: Put Your Back N 2 It

Singer songwriter Mike Hadreas released his debut album “Learning” to critical acclaim. An album that wasn’t so easy to listen to – not because it was bad, but because of how overwhelmingly sad it was. With songs like ‘Mr. Peterson’  which chronicled a sexual relationship between Hadreas and a teacher who eventually commits suicide. Yeah, I know not exactly a barrel of laughs.

This sophomore release under the Perfume Genius name, Hadreas really lays on the torch balladry thick. Of course, comparisons to Antony and the Johnson’s singer Antony Hegarty are abundant and rightly so. It’s definitely the go-to response and for people who love Antony’s melodrama. The song “No Tear” will be the best starting point. Poised with emotional longing and self-deprecation that will sustain those of us who like to quench our melancholic thirsts. There are time’s when you feel a little bit cheated.

With a song like “No Tear” that only runs at a measly 1 minute and 49 seconds, Hadreas doesn’t give the listener enough time to really sink into the songs that leaves no room for them to be mulled over or bonded with. Every song on ‘Put Your Back N 2 It’ (worse album title by the way) is under 3 minutes and 30 seconds this is a little frustrating  which kind of leaves you wanting more.

It’s a good listen. Don’t be fooled by the album title it’s not going to be a party album so don’t get mad when Hadreas doesn’t get his Diamond Rings on. But for something a little more frail and contemplative definitely turn to this.

Listen if you like: Antony and the Johnsons, Sufjan Stevens, Daniel Johnston, Baby Dee, Arthur Russell, Grizzly Bear