Beach House Return in Full ‘Bloom’

Since the release of the dream pop duo’s third and most critically acclaimed album “Teen Dream” in 2010 (they got somewhat pissed off with Katy Perry for releasing a similarly titled album the same year) they’ve been pretty quiet. Last week a tentative title “Bloom” and a 10-song track list was posted on Exclaim – A few hours later it was taken down. But at the beginning of the week saw these rumours actually hold some weight to them.

Beach House posted a new song on their website entitled “Myth”. Though the track list hasn’t been officially announced yet and “Bloom” may or may not be the title, Beach House fans get excited because the new song is brilliant. Admittedly, sonically it’s pretty standard Beach House fair with the woozy synth’s and Victoria Legrand’s dreamy vocals senerading your ears.

The good news is that the band are releasing new music. Will “Bloom” surpass the beauty of “Teen Dream”? we’ll just have to wait. “Bloom” is reportedly being released on 12th May through Sub Pop. Watch this space.

While you wait listen to the new song “Myth”



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