Album Review – Mount Eerie: Clear Moon (2012 Albums of the Year)

There’s no doubt about it that Phil Elverum can write an amazing song. Throughout his many projects and monikers he has racked up a considerably interesting and respected catalogue of music that requires a lot of thought and dedication to really absorb properly.

“Clear Moon” is the fifth official album under the ‘Mount Eerie’ name and serves as a companion piece to “Ocean Roar” an album that will be released later on in the year.

“Clear Moon” is a step away from the harsher sounds of 2009’s Wind’s Poem that had a heavy black metal influence which was an album full of isolation and introspection in which Elverum left the claustrophobic city life and began living in a cabin away from civilisation in rural Washington – on that album you can hear the despondent solitude and the complex thoughts that swirl around in your head when too much time has passed without interaction with others.“Wind’s Poem” seems to have really informed the direction and sound that this album has gone in.

While there are still some heavy, brooding moments here, it feels less obstructive and a lot more mindful – if “Wind’s Poem” was the drunken thoughts from the night before, full of confusion and anger “Clear Moon” is definitely the sobering morning after.

BEST SONGS: Through the Trees Pt. 2, The Place I Live, Lone Bell, House Shape, Clear Moon

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