Anticipation Station November 2013

Music has been pretty good this year. I’ve neglected my blog for a few months due to being uninspired and being busy with other things.
But I feel like I should at least right a little something before the year is out. I’m also compiling my best of list for the year soon – it’ll be much more detailed than last year. This is just a quick something to flex my writing muscle again.

Blood-Orange-Cupid-Deluxe-608x608Blood Orange – Cupid Deluxe

Dev Hynes has come a long way since his indie rock beginnings. His producer chops have been flexed to max capacity lately with producing for interesting pop acts like Solange Knowles, Sky Ferreira, the original Sugababes; Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan. But Hynes is back with his second album from his side project Blood Orange. ‘Cupid Deluxe’ has a much more full and warmer sound than the debut Blood Orange record ‘Coastal Grooves’ drawing a more pop and r&b/80’s groove influence than a drone-y electronic one. It also features collaborators from bands like The Dirty Projectors, Chairlift and Friends, as well as electronic musicians Kindness, Clams Casino and Skepta – Interesting.
The album is currently being streamed on YouTube via Hynes personal account. You can listen to it here
The album is due out on November 12th worldwide and November 18th in the UK.

Grizzly-Bear-Shields-expanded-500x500Grizzly Bear – Shields: B-sides

Shields was one of the best albums of 2012, boasting a much more grandiose and fuller sound than Grizzly Bear’s previous records.
The b-side collection contains leftover tracks from the original sessions, plus demo versions of existing songs as well as a couple of remixes  by Liars, Nicolas Jaar and Swedish producer Linstrom.
The band has already released a teaser from the album which you can listen to here

The album is due out on November 10th (It’ll be released as both a deluxe version of Shields as well as a stand-alone album)