St. Vincent – Birth In Reverse

St_ Vincent - Album ArtAnnie Clark over the last few years has become an admired, prolific singer-songwriter, who just seems to get it right each time.
Whether it’s her exceptional guitar style (I like to call her The Shredder) or her dark, twisted tales from suburbia. St. Vincent is a gravitational force– I’m always eager to hear what she is working on, and what avenue she is going in.
After a collaborative project with art rock savant David Byrne, Annie returns with her own self-titled fourth album. A teaser track has been released called ‘Birth in Reverse’ which seems like a natural progression from the material on her previous record “Strange Mercy” which mixed fuzzy guitar riffs with danceable electronics.

If you want to hear it you can click here, or go to her official website to download the song for free

“St. Vincent” is out on February 24th on her new label Loma Vista/Republic


Laura Marling – Where Can I Go?

The 23-year-old is gearing up to release her fourth album “Once I Was An Eagle” on 27th May. Lifted from the 16-track album is the song Where Can I Go?. The song is what you’d expect from Marling a steady acoustic jam with hushed but clear vocals –if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right? listen below.

Outkast on Frank Ocean’s ‘Pink Matter’

I, like a lot of people have been waiting for a proper Outkast reunion. It’s been a while since we’ve heard both of them on anything substantial since the 2006 soundtrack to their film ‘Idlewild’. But now the Atlanta duo have ‘teamed’ up and joined Frank Ocean on his crooning slow jam ‘Pink Matter’. Ok, so Andre 3000 was already featured but Big Boi has now lent his talents to adding a few bars. Have a listen.

New Devendra Banhart

It’s been a while since the freak folk king has released new music. In fact, he’s been relatively quiet since his 2009 album “What Will We Be“. But now the wait is over! Banhart will release his new album”Mala” in March through Nonesuch. A teaser song has been released entitled “Für Hildegard von Bingen“. Once again, he steps away from his skeletal folk beginnings and ushers in a much more rounded, fuller sound. Have a listen.

Song of the Day

Probably the best beatmaker of his generation, forget Dr. Dre and even Timbaland, J Dilla was the real deal. He made real beats even just as instrumentals they leave a resonance thats thought provoking, clever and damn right catchy. Re-tracing my hip-hopness lately, I thought I’d give ‘Donuts’ another spin, I have to say I always found listening to instrumentals pretty daunting, especially as someone who gravitates towards good lyrics, Dilla’s beats never made me feel like it was a obligation to listen to them, possibly due to their very short running time. But I digress, ‘Stop’ kinda reminded me of those old days when I was like 14-15 during the summer hanging out late and listening to hip-hop, my they were halcyon days, ha!

Song of the Day

Sam Beam aka Iron & Wine has always been a bit of a hero of mine, especially with that epic beard, eh?. I just love the way how subtle his music is but it seems to have such a resounding effect of me. His new album ‘Kiss Each Other Clean’ has only been out for a couple of days, between this and The Decemberists new one I’ve been in indie boy heaven. With the many highlights on the the 10 track album, ‘Godless Brother In Love’ sticks out for me. I heard this before the album dropped on a daytrotter session he did and I though it was such a beautiful song.

Song of the Day


Amazing song from an amazing talent. Alela Diane came to my attention around 2007 her second album 2004’s ‘The Pirates Gospel’ ( her first album ‘Forest Parade’ was only made available at early shows and are all out of print and apparently Diane has no intention of a re-release, shame) was getting a european release courtesy of label Names Records. Her blend of folksy rhythms and almost bluegrass timbre’s made me really enjoy her album. She is also very good live, but better in a much more intimate setting. The two times I’ve  seen her were at the lovely Bush Hall round the corner from the more well known Shepherds Bush Empire. I will be seeing her in a more club setting at the Scala in May as she is gearing up to release her new record which is apparently going to be released around the same time.

Song of the Day

Gold Panda is something that I didn’t think I was going to like. I saw a lot of buzz on the project from eletronic producer Derwin Panda (not sure if thats his actual name) and I had the assumption that he was one of the Los Angeles hipster kids trying to do what us Brits (and Europeans) seem to do effortlessly and that is make amazing dance music. While its probably not something I am an expert of, listening to Gold Panda reminded me of being a kid in the 90s and listening to all that dance music coming out at the time, it just puts you in a good mood and this is what ‘Marriage’ makes me feel it also reminds me of that  Télépopmusik song ‘Breathe’ from the early 2000’s

A new’un + Song of the Day

So, BlogSpot became boring and well, just a little bit old at. WordPress is all shiny and new to me I never really used it before but the interface is a lot more attractive. This blog will be part of my new uni project. Oh, and the name SufferJet was an art project I did at college, it was a mixed medium affair full of painting, making music and other slightly odd, offbeat creative bits and bobs. Although this blog will showcase some random ramblings, it will be primarily a more music blog, the SufferJet moniker will be coming out of retirement (even though barely 10 people knew about what was going on haha) so yeah, that’s it. Enjoy

Oh, one more thing a ‘Song of the Day’ thing will be on here which is a lot of fun for me plus it’ll give me the insentive to regularly update it as I always end up forgetting about blogs. So, I’m going to get the ball rolling with todays song of the day.

For those who are unfamiliar with Birds work, he was originally the frontman for band Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire releasing three albums in total. They unofficially broke up in 2003 as Bird wanted to restart his solo career, which was his first project in the mid 90s releasing ‘Music of Hair’ at age 23. Bird is an accomplished violinist and an amazing whistler who only began playing the guitar in 2004. ‘Noble Beast’ is his fifth album and his most critically acclaimed so far and actually charting on the mainstream album charts in the US (peaking at #12 on the Billboard Hot 100). Slowly he has gained a faithful following and has even influenced people to start whistling again.

Tenuousness is my favourite song from ‘Noble Beast’, and while the album version is great, you really have to see him perform it live, especially when he plays his violin like a guitar or ukulele, awesome.