St. Vincent – Birth In Reverse

St_ Vincent - Album ArtAnnie Clark over the last few years has become an admired, prolific singer-songwriter, who just seems to get it right each time.
Whether it’s her exceptional guitar style (I like to call her The Shredder) or her dark, twisted tales from suburbia. St. Vincent is a gravitational force– I’m always eager to hear what she is working on, and what avenue she is going in.
After a collaborative project with art rock savant David Byrne, Annie returns with her own self-titled fourth album. A teaser track has been released called ‘Birth in Reverse’ which seems like a natural progression from the material on her previous record “Strange Mercy” which mixed fuzzy guitar riffs with danceable electronics.

If you want to hear it you can click here, or go to her official website to download the song for free

“St. Vincent” is out on February 24th on her new label Loma Vista/Republic